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Pearl Generation Uganda is a growing organization and we appreciate that to grow to the heights that the founders envisioned when they began and to reach the targeted number of people in a given time frame, we need a dedicated and committed team. It is in a bid to push forward our agenda that we call upon different members of the general public, in their varying capacities to step up and become a part of us.

We offer various packages to suit the requirements of the individuals who may be interested in joining our team as shown below.


Volunteer packages

Are you interested in volunteering for a humanitarian organization? Look no further. At PG-UG, we offer several and flexible volunteering opportunities for interested participants. From part time volunteering in our versatile departments to full time volunteering, the organization caters for all schedules complete with a training curriculum for various fields of work. For more information on how to further your career with us and how to apply, click here

Internship opportunities

Looking for an organization with favorable working conditions? Pearl Generation Uganda offers an inclusive internship Programme that is bound to expand one’s working experience while giving the learners an opportunity to maximize their strengths and give their best. Our Programme is also custom tailored to suit the requirements that are set by various institutions of learning in order to ease the entire learning experience for the individual in question. For more information on how to further your career with us and how to apply, click here

Other available options

In the event that one is willing to contribute to the organization but is not catered for in the above categories, please click here for a different form. The organization takes into account the fact that support may not necessarily come in the form of skills but also by other means. It doesn’t matter how small or minute the contribution looks to you. You don’t know how big an impact the contribution you consider “small” will leave on the life of a less fortunate person. The contribution may be financial, material or any other form that may have a propelling effect on the work of the organization. For more details, click the link provided above or contact us on any of our various addresses.



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