Happy Kids is a program by PG-UG started in 2016. It was one of the very first programs launched by the organization. Despite the focus on HIV/AIDS and TB awareness, the organization aims at empowering the youth. In a bid to empower the youth with knowledge and skills, the organization takes into consideration the fact that not all the youth have the same opportunities with regards to accessibility to education and other needs. It is with this in mind that Happy Kids was born.


What we do

In conjunction with Wells of Hope Ministries and Rotaract Kampala East, PG-UG has undertaken an initiative to provide support to the beneficiaries of the said program not only in terms of scholastic materials but also in other forms. The beneficiaries of the program are children who are not fortunate enough to have their needs met by their parents or guardians per say.

Before the partnership with Wells of hope Ministries, PG-UG was working hand in hand with Rotaract Kampala East with major focus on the areas commonly referred to as ghettos within Kampala. The areas which had been singled out were Bwaise and Katanga. In these areas, the organization saw a need to give the children a chance to go to school in order to be able to use the things they learn in school to give them and generations after them a bright future. It is with the PG-UG overall vision in mind that the organizations took it upon themselves to provide support for the children in the various spheres of their lives. The support includes but isn’t limited to scholastic materials, sex education, counselling and guidance, mentorship, sports equipment and bursaries for some of the children. This is all in a move to ensure that the children in the ghettos also have a chance at getting an education of a certain quality so as to compete favorably with their peers who are fortunate enough to have their guardians provide for them.


The partnership with Wells of Hope Ministries however has widened the scope of the work done. Together, the above mentioned organizations have managed to extend the support services to the children of inmates especially those on life imprisonment. One cannot ignore the fact that once the parents of these children are remanded to prison, they are left either at the mercy of a single parent or in the worst case scenario they are left to fend for themselves. At PG-UG and Wells of Hope Ministries, it is a belief that every child deserves to go to school and also have their needs catered for. The organizations therefore take it upon themselves to cater for the needs of these vulnerable children as best as they possibly can.


The program was dubbed Happy Kids because PG-UG aims at improving the lives of the children in question in a way that elevates their chances of making it in life and makes them happy. This has been done in several ways, some of which have already been mentioned.

In addition, PG-UG has so far organized three retreats for the children. During these retreats, the children were taken through a series of sessions that were designed to provide sex education for them and also inspirational talks to keep them motivated and zealous about going to school. Several items were also provided to the children during the retreats to help them cater for their various needs for instance scholastic materials, sports equipment and various food items.

A four day’s camp was also organized and successfully carried out in 2016. The major aim was to give the children a platform to learn more from the facilitators provided by the organizations and also interact with their fellow beneficiaries. This camp enabled the children share their experiences with the organizers and their peers thereby enabling them make more friends as they got to know each other and also they had chance to discover their potential through the various exercises they were given during the camp.

The most recent venture carried out by the team with regards to Happy Kids was the car wash that was held at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds on 25th March,2017. PG-UG together with its various partners saw a need for the children to have a place where they can easily develop their sport related talents and also refresh after a hectic day at school and the idea of building a sports ground for the children was born. As a result of the limitations in the financial capabilities of the organization to make this idea materialize, the organizations had to come up with ways of raising the funds without necessarily requesting for handouts. The car wash was therefore a way of the organization involving the children who benefit from the program while giving back to community and raising the funds necessary to build the sports ground. The car wash was organized on successfully held and the organization is still working hand in hand with the partners to turn the idea into a reality so that the children can have the sports ground and build their talents with no inhibitions. The sports ground is mainly to give those children with natural sports talents an opportunity to nurture their talents and a chance at building the gifts that may in time turn out to be their ticket out of poverty into a happier and well provided for life.