While many might suggest that one’s sunset years are the hardest, our own judgment would be that the period designated as youth might be the most challenging. People in this stage have unexplained energies which when misplaced can be catastrophic. One in this stage has to resist a lot of temptation, the most frustrating time of in life, it is that period when one is hardly old enough to be on independent yet the life we live now has given us more opportunities.


Youth is a critical period for establishing positive health and social behaviors and It is during this time that young people undergo rapid emotional, physical and intellectual changes. It is also during this stage when they begin the transition from childhood to adolescence and thereafter to independent adulthood.

Timely, accurate and comprehensive information on the health and wellbeing of young people is therefore essential for monitoring the progress of Uganda’s and Africa’s youths

The health and wellbeing of Uganda’s and Africa’s young people is also central to the health, social inclusion and productivity agendas of our core values

  • Our health agenda on youth covers
  • Health status and wellbeing
  • Factors influencing health
  • Health system performance
  • All affecting the socio-economic factors
  • Key youth health problems

Some young people engage in risky behaviors that affect their health and therefore the majority of health problems are psychosocial. {Explain psychosocial} Many young people experience multiple problems. These behaviors are established as a young persons and as they grow, the behaviors go on to becomes the lifestyles of adults leading to chronic health problems

Young people have specific health problems and development needs that differ from children and adults. These include HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B (HPV Virus), and TB and HIV co-infection. The causes of ill health in adolescents are mostly psychosocial and not inherently biological as people would like to assume.

Young people often engage in the risky behaviors that reflect the processes of adolescent development, experimentation and exploration including using drugs and alcohol and unchecked sexual behavior.

Sexual health/infectious diseases is one of the leading health related problems faced by people between the ages of 12-24 years which has caused high prevalence rates in the sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B

Young people often lack awareness of the harm associated with risky behaviors, the skills to protect themselves and the communities surrounding them and also the knowledge with regards to how and where to seek help for their health concerns.


Key health services for the young people include the following:

  • School health services
  • Sexual health services
  • Social work
  • Youth health
  • Youth work and Youth development services

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