Pearl Generation Uganda hereby referred to as (PG-Ug) is dedicated to nurturing Vulnerable Youth communities through earning their involvement and participation in the areas of Health, Livelihood, Education, Economic empowerment and involvement of talents and talent lovers using a social audit approach in programs and services offered to create vibrant and visionary tools for youth community development, and to weave youth involvement and innovation into the fabric of communities by establishing linkages with development partners and philanthropists in all fields concerning the youth with the ultimate goal of empowering youth communities in Uganda but also across Africa with the necessary skills that can enable them realize and exploit their intrinsic potential and opportunities amongst themselves taking into consideration diversity and cross-cutting issues such as gender and all forms of disabilities,. Founded in 2010 and registered in 2016, Pearl Generation Uganda (PG-Ug) is a Non-governmental organization, non-profit making, charitable, Voluntary, non-partisan, Independent, community-based and autonomous Civil society organization that is registered and established under the company Act, 2012 of Uganda.


Pearl Generation Uganda has a long time presence in Kampala and Eastern Uganda as a dedicated Youth led non-governmental community-based, grassroots, youth led and run cultural organization. We are organized on community access principles and the belief that youth involvement and participation in the areas of Health, Livelihood, Education, Economic empowerment and talents in all its forms, is essential for youth empowerment, community development and their well-being. We base our activities in a philosophy of sharing and building resilience for community development. Even though we operate primarily in Kampala, we have been a strong presence in Kaabong, Nakaseke, Wakiso, Luwero and the western Uganda. Over the years, we found that our sensibilities resonated with many people. We believe in communal values - sharing equipment, experience, and support. We think it is important to listen to people’s hopes and dreams, and to help realize them, but not do it for them. We feel that building resilience and capacity among youth in the areas of health related problems livelihood, education, economic thinking and talent management should be integral and conscious part of everyone’s life, so we set about weaving youth involvement, participation and innovation in those areas back into the fabric of our community.


We know and appreciate that youth are the future and that their voices need to be heard especially that they make the largest percentage of the world’s population and since they are incredibly challenged by today’s world, so we try to give them tools, knowledge, and services to build successful and fulfilling lives. In doing these things, we have recently found ourselves acting as a hub and facilitators for many different kinds of projects and campaigns. As a means of allowing people to try out their ideas before committing to the corporate structure. We give them peer support, advice, technical assistance, a sound administrative structure, and lots of compassionate handholding.

Located in Ntinda Minister’s village Canon Road just opposite Divine Providence Health Club, the facility provides a home for our main Offices from which most of the programs and projects are prepared and monitored. The facility is also home to our "core" and Dream Maker programs. Core programs and projects include the Student’s Health Action Project (SHAP) from which campaigns like University Health Tour campaigns “Health Caravan Days”, University Health Dialogues and Chart Room follower ships where Youth are trained and given knowledge of peer educating, leadership skills and economic empowerment are implemented and used as strategies in dealing with Sexual Health related problems amongst youth. This has provided a platform of involving youth in the health system in solving such problems. All the above mentioned campaigns are run under the theme “Your Life Your Choices”, in Education we help mentor and pay school fees for the children of prisoners that are on life imprisonment and remand in partnership with an Organization called Wells of Hope. Here a school has been constructed in Nakaseke District where these children are educated and given the early illiteracy knowledge. In addition, school tours are made to inspire and provide a mentorship program for school going children.

Innocent Mugerwa is the founder and Executive Director of Pearl Generation Uganda. As well as being the team leader, he also serves as a director to the board.

The contemporary PG-Ug now has a structure which comprise of The Advisory Board, the Directors and Executive Director, The Deputy Executive Director, Head of Secretariat, Head of Human resource and Administrator, Head of Finance/Procurement, Advocacy and Communications, Head of Programmes, and Support staffs. They are recruited and appointed to implement programs of Pearl Generation Uganda.

Organizational Philosophy

We, at Pearl Generation Uganda (PG-UG), believe that all people have the capacity to improve their lives. We dedicate ourselves to helping youth and their families achieve their goals while respecting their individuality and recognizing their diverse and sometimes challenging needs. Our commitment to healthy lifestyle choices creates an atmosphere where youth can feel safe and supported as they progress toward their goals. We believe everyone should be treated with equality, dignity, respect, and acceptance.


Pursuant to this belief, PG-UG, through the fellowships, campaigns, guidance, counseling, Advocacy and Human Rights interventions, we seek to mainstream concerns and issues that are of relevance and importance to Youth and to promote and implement, singly or in partnership with other governmental and Non-governmental institutions, sustainable programmes that promotes these beliefs and objectives.


We value the diversity of our programs and accept the challenge of supporting each one to best serve the community. We believe our programs show strong leadership and prove themselves to be innovative, solution-focused, and proactive and that each continues to develop in response to our community’s needs. We are dedicated to developing long-term effective solutions by working together to provide the opportunity for growth and success.


At PG-UG we believe in inclusiveness where the youth, staff, board and volunteers work together to create an atmosphere where people feel safe, supported and respected, while being given the opportunity to fulfill their own goals.

At PG-UG we believe in inclusiveness where the youth, staff, board and volunteers work together to create an atmosphere where people feel safe, supported and respected, while being given the opportunity to fulfill their own goals.

Pearl Generation Uganda is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for all, and aims to create an environment which enables everyone to participate in the services offered within the parameters of our building structure.

We challenge ourselves to be accountable and responsive to those we serve as well as the community that funds, supports and depends upon us. We are a valued organization that demonstrates success by continually evaluating our programs and challenging our assumptions. People seek our services because our staff offers support, advocacy, opportunity and new alternatives.


We are skilled, empathetic professionals working consistently to encourage the well-being of others. We are trusted and respected for our ability to work with youth and their families. We continue to train and educate ourselves to enrich our perspectives, maintain a level of excellence and demonstrate ethical presence in our work. We work confidently together to create an optimal work environment where work place issues are resolved in a creative and co-operative manner.


We, at Youth Empowerment Society, seek to make a positive difference in the lives of youth and their families.