The University Health Tour

The University Health Tour “Health Caravan Days” are apart and a tool used in the implementing of Students’ Health Action Project (SHAP) which is a youth initiative aimed at putting into place a more hands-on approach through a social audit approach towards HIV/AIDS, TB, Hepatitis B, all kinds sexual health related problems, and Reproductive Health Information awareness. The conventional means applied by other stakeholders send out the same resounding message: ways in which the HIV/AIDS, TB and Hepatitis B are spread, probable signs and symptoms, prevention and treatment. Though they’ve been successful for the most in terms of putting out the basic information to communities, leaving gaps in these institutions of higher learning and they sometimes fail to capture the attention of some people and ignore some issues that need to be addressed.

This particular initiative puts into consideration the fact that the reproductive health information sent out is rather generalized and many still have unanswered questions with regards to the subject at hand despite paying close attention to the messages being given to the general public. Students’ Health Action Project (SHAP) and in this case the University Health Tour intends to move away from the generalized information and send out more custom-made messages while providing information basing on the questions for which the beneficiaries require answers.

This initiative gives the beneficiaries a chance to learn more about the scourge while exchanging information with their peers as a result of the interactive nature. Since it is a youth initiative, the beneficiaries are bound to feel more comfortable asking questions and discussing openly

This is why a University Health Tour is conducted in order to ensure that every student in every institution of learning has an opportunity to know their health state. This incorporates the need to be alert about one’s well-being. HIV/AIDS testing and counselling, TB screening and Hepatitis B Vaccination is carried out to communicate the state of life of an individual. Integration of the three, sexual and reproductive health information is shared one on one with the peer educators and counsellors packages a youth to acquire knowledge about the signs and symptoms of the diseases. This caravan contributes to better planning, program management and better resource mobilization. The health caravan cuts across all program and project activities for from program design through reporting.