Together 4 her is a fundraising initiative of Pearl Generation Uganda. The organization recognizes the presence of the girl child in society and the potential each and every girl child holds within her. It also puts into consideration the fact that girls are different and they grow up under different circumstances each with their individual needs depending on the circumstances under which they grow. There are some needs however that are universal to all girls.

It is the organization’s interest in sexual reproductive health of the youth, with emphasis on the reproductive health of the less fortunate girls that has given rise to the above mentioned campaign. In conjunction with the Miss University Pageant, PG-UG intends to achieve the following under the campaign

  • Sensitization on overall sexual reproductive health.

PG-UG focuses on sexual reproductive health of the youth. Through this campaign, the organization intends to sensitize the females who are not fortunate enough to have a formal education with regards to their sexual and reproductive health. This is because at this age, girls need to be talked to about the changes their bodies are undergoing and the risk factors that they may face in the reproductive stage of their lives. Without proper caution and sensitization, these girls risk having sexual reproductive health related problems like; STIs, early pregnancies and all the associated complications. In a bid to reduce on the occurrence of such problems which in turn raise the high HIV prevalence rates, maternal and infant mortality rates, the organization has taken up the initiative to educate the less fortunate girls on the dangers of the aforementioned pregnancies and also to teach them how to protect themselves from the pregnancies in question

  • Provision of knowledge about menstrual health and distribution of sanitary towels

Given the changes that the female body undergoes, females have to know how best to take proper care of their bodies while the changes are taking place. Menstruation being a crucial stage in the life of every female, PG-UG has taken upon itself to provide basic knowledge about menstrual health. This knowledge includes but isn’t limited to

  • Menstrual hygiene
  • How to avoid and treat infections during menstruation
  • What to expect and when & where to seek medical attention

Since all girls go through menstruation but not all girls can afford to buy the materials required to get through a period without complications or putting a stop to all other activities, the organization intends to take an extra step and provide the sanitary towels that the girls need to continue with their lives normally even during their periods. The sanitary towels to be provided are both re-usable and non-re-usable. The re-usable ones are to be provided because they are cheaper than the non-re-usable ones, can be used more than once and some are very easy to make. This makes them a better option for the target population

  • How to make reusable pads.

Putting into consideration the issue of sustainability, PG-UG acknowledges the fact that girls normally go through menstruation on a monthly basis and the organization cannot provide pads for the girls every month, the organization has partnered with several individuals to teach the girl how to make their own reusable sanitary towels.



The organization however, requires funding to go through with the above activities. It is with this in mind that the directors have come up with several activities to get funds to take up the activities. These activities include but aren’t limited to the following

  • An annual fundraising dinner. This is meant to bring together various people who have picked an interest in the cause so that they are able to sit together and discuss the issues affecting the target population while collecting funds for the cause. This dinner is to be paid for by the people attending it and all the proceeds from this dinner will go towards the above mentioned cause
  • Over time, the organization is set to put up various competitions and challenges in a bid to raise more funds for the above mentioned cause.