Pearl Generation Uganda appreciates the value of monitoring and evaluation with regards to the projects/ventures undertaken and it is to this effect that organization has come up with the above mentioned initiatives. It has been noted with concern that in order to cater for the needs of the youth, despite the organization being youth-led, there is a need for an organized platform where the youth whose needs are to be addresses can air out their views so that the initiatives are tailor made to suit them.

In line with the SHAP initiative, the organization has come up with two separate but rather related programmes these two are meant to aid the team in following up the results that are got from the University Health Tour/Caravan that have been held in different institutions of higher learning.

For the University Youth Public Dialogues, once the team has concluded a series of Tours in a particular institution of learning, a platform for discussions is to be set up. The team then engages with the youth who so happen to be the target population, on this set platform in order to find out their views on several things. The matters to be discussed on the platform include but are not limited to

The on-going University Health Caravan

Under this topic, the target population with be tasked to have an exhaustive discussion with the service delivery team to determine the efficacy and plausibility of the health caravan. Questions the service providers intend to answer through this dialogue include is the service reaching the people it was intended for? Do the people meant to receive the services know about it? Is the service easily available?

Adjustments in service delivery

The target population will also be tasked to give suggestions on how to deliver the services in a more effective way so that the team can achieve its target population within the shortest possible time frame.

It is also during this dialogue that the service providers get to know which particular services the youth in question need but aren’t catered for in the caravan so that the necessary adjustments can be made.

The University Youth Public Dialogue is therefore meant to act as one of the assessment tools for the University Health Caravan. It is designed in order to give target population a say in the services they are offered during the caravans.